Montego Bay Ja maica Favorite Tourist Destination

If you are planning a trip to the Caribbean, then may I recommend the beautiful destination of Montego Bay in Jamaica. Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica and its main tourist destination. Many travelers enjoy by relaxing on the pristine beaches. In addition, there are many enjoyable activities and destinations that every traveler to Jamaica should experience.

For the tourists that enjoy the water, then Montego Bay offers clear waters for snorkeling. When you are snorkeling there, large fishes that are accustomed to people will gently swim next to you and it is an experience that can’t be expressed in words and must be experienced first hand. If you choose to go snorkeling remember to bring an underwater camera because there will be many photo opportunities.

For the more adventurous traveler, there is white water rafting. Montego Bay offers various levels of difficulty ranging from the slow moving pools suited for the novices, to the fast-rushing rivers for the thrill seekers and expert swimmers. Like snorkeling, white water rafting offers many photo ops since you will traveling through the undisturbed rain forests of Jamaica.

For the shoppers, be sure to check out the bizarre on Market Street. On the weekends, this market is packed with crowds looking for the best deals and bargains. And like most international countries, you can haggle and bargain with the merchants and shop vendors. A tip is to always remember that when the vendor offers the selling price, then you can bargain down to half that price and work your deal from there.

These are just a brief glimpse in some of the things that tourists can expect and do when traveling to Montego Bay, Jamaica. For more travel destination ideas for Jamaican tourists, please check out the blog located in the author’s resource box below.