Tourist Destinations In Paris

Paris has many world famous tourist attractions. The people from this beautiful city are also known for their sense of fashion. Life in Paris is so interesting that there can never be a dull moment. That is the reason many people would sacrifice their time and money to visit this magnificent urban centre. The railway transport network makes access to the major attraction sites to be quite easy.

The famous London to Paris train, courtesy of the Eurostar rail network makes this possible. There are other means of traveling to pairs, but this is the most cost effective and reliable one, especially if you are coming from London. There are always cheap Eurostar tickets, which are on offer from time to time. What you need to do is to visit their website and book yours online. You will then enjoy your express ticket to the heart of France.

Most tourist destinations in Paris are accessible by train. If you are traveling from London, you will need to connect from the London St. Pancras station and it will take you only two hours and fifteen minutes to arrive at the Paris Gare du Nord station. From here, you can then proceed to the various tourist sites in this city. Also, for those who are not claustrophobic, traveling to Paris by the Eurostar high speed rail service can be experience of a lifetime.

The tourist attractions in Paris are as unique as they are exiting. To start with, the Louvre is the place to visit for the lovers of art. This is because the pre-20th century paintings, decorative objects and sculptures are found here. Other famous paintings including the Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Vermeer and many more others tops the list of an art lovers wishes. The Tuileries gardens can be a perfect location for evening strolls after a busy day at the Louvre. The Notre Dame Cathedral, with its captivating statuary stained glass and towers is another interesting tourist destination in Paris. From the north tower of this mega structure, you will have an inhibited view of the skyline of Paris.

The elegance of the Eifel tower has stood the test of time. This age-defying structure is touted as one of world’s best tourist attraction sites. Visitors from London will have a reason to smile, even when the London Paris train fare leaves a dent in their pockets. A leisure walk across the bridge to Musée d’Orsay from Louvre is another exiting adventure.