3 Must See Tourist Destinations in China

If you are looking for a travel destination that is loaded with historical heritage, amazing landscapes and centuries-old architecture then China is one not to be missed. China is rapidly becoming the top travel destination with some of the best tours offered anywhere. Here are a few top sights to see.

China’s Great Wall

First on your list of must see tourist destinations in China is of course one of the most well-known historical structure in the world, the Great Wall of China. Construction of this great wonder, started under the rule of the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC) Qinshihuang the Qin Dynasty’s first emperor unified the nation through the planning and construction of the start of China’s great wall, which was designed and created to protect China’s border from the hostilities of nomadic tribes from the North. The construction continued years after with various sections being fortified and or added to become what is now over 373 miles, 71 passes, 827 city wall platforms and countless towers.

One of the most visited sections of the wall is the bricks of Badaling. Here the Great Walls influence is shown in the surrounding areas culture, magnificent sights and a Military facility. Juyongguan Pass is yet another area not to be missed. This section of the wall was well-known for its magnificent mountains, blossoming flowers and trees. There are two different gates you can choose from on the Juyongguan. One of the gates leads to the north and one leads to the south. They constructed a circular courtyard outside the south gate to defend it. Ancient style roads and streets inside give visitors the impression of walking back into ancient China.

Forbidden City

China’s Forbidden City is one of the best places to see ancient preserved palaces in China. Situated at the heart of Bejing and covering an area of over 178 acres, this ancient marvel reigned supreme consisting of 980 buildings, 90 courtyards, palaces and 8704 rooms.

It served 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties from 1368-1644 and 1644-1911. This remarkable architecture represents a culmination of Chinese traditional achievement

The Forbidden City was built with the utmost security in mind. The city is enclosed by a 10-meter wall and spans a perimeter of 430 meters. Each corner is heavily guarded by a magnificent watchtower and a moat at the base.

The Outer Court and Inner Court are best to see. Many halls have been converted to galleries exhibiting bronze wares pottery, paintings and magnificent ancient treasures. The museum accounts for over 1,000,000 articles or 1/6 of such national treasures.

Terra Cotta Warriors

One of the most interesting sights are the Terra Cotta Warriors. Discovered in 1974, the finding of over 7000 soldiers, horse and archers in full battle attire surrounded Emperor Qin’s tomb, thought to be dating back to 210BC. Each magnificent figure was restored after a painstaking excavation and now on display.

The Museum itself is one of the nation’s best and boasts 4 major galleries of China’s history, Tang-Style buildings and impressive collections.