Top 5 Budget Restaurants in Munich

top-5-budget-restaurants-in-munichYou’re visiting Munich and it is lunch time. You can already hear your stomach growling; you walked so much that you burned out all the calories you ate at breakfast. You’re looking back and forth at your wallet and the restaurants in central Munich. Nope, that won’t do; you still want to keep on to your money as much as you can. But how do you do that? Where can you eat a decent meal without having to drill a hole into your pocket?

As luck has it, we have some suggestions for you right here. Bon appétit!

  1. Goerreshof

Found on the outskirts of Munich, Goerreshof is a great restaurant choice if you want to try some traditional Bavarian cuisine. Customers praised the food, the reasonable prices that start from $11 and the hospitality of the staff as well. Their recommendation would be to try to original Weiner Schnitzel from here – you can’t leave Germany without eating that!

  1. Nam Giao 31

If you have a soft spot for Vietnamese food, then Nam Giao is the place for you. It’s placed in a quiet area that is a 20-minute walk from the railway station, the south part. The family running it always interacts with the customers, doing their best to keep them happy, and the food is also delicious (or so customers claim). The ambience is nice, and the prices are also very good.

  1. Opatija

This restaurant is close to the Marienplatz, and many customers praise the way they were served there. The menus are diversified, making it a good choice for many different people. Whether you want a burger, a juicy steak, pasta or some seafood, Opatija has a little bit of everything. You will have a good meal at a fair price so that you can go back to visiting with your wallet intact.

  1. Leoli

Leoli is another restaurant that prides itself on the Asian cuisine. You have many things to choose from: Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and ever a large variety of vegetarian-friendly food. It’s close to the BMW Museum, and it is a restaurant with an eye for detail (flowers everywhere!). Leoli is a fresh, delightful and inexpensive pace change from the usual Bavarian food, with prices that start from $5.

  1. Mimmo E Co

If you’re craving a pizza, Mimmo E Co is definitely the place you should go to. The ingredients are originally from Italy and the chef is also Italian – which makes this restaurant a ‘home sweet home’ choice for Italian people and those who love Italian food!

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