Why Croatia Is One of the Best Yachting Destinations in the World

Choosing a holiday destination is often a difficult task. As most people only have a limited amount of time off work each year, they want to make sure that the holiday they choose isn’t a mistake. If you are on the lookout for a unique holiday experience and want to mix adventure with relaxation then consider Croatia.

Located in southern Europe on the Adriatic Sea; Croatia offers a destination like no other in the world. Stunning coast lines, picturesque scenery, beautiful seafood and historical buildings are all part of the package. Croatia is ranked as the 18th most popular tourist destination in the world. When you visit you will know why – and it’s not just for the high quality wine that is produced throughout the Country!

Croatia is an emerging and developing economy that relies heavily on tourism to survive. With a colorful history since the population of the Croats in the 7th Century, it has grown to include a strong and resilient population. Travelling around the towns, in particular the 19th century tourist destination of Opatija, you will get a sense of the history and why it has been a tourist destination – and health retreat – for so long. While visiting the country on the land is good, by the water it’s even better.

Croatia boasts one of the most stunning, diverse and marine-rich coast lines in the world. Sharp cliffs, old medieval walls, sandy beaches and lush green forests can all be viewed from the slow deck of a sailing boat. For those lucky enough to be on the water, the relaxing sound of small waves lapping at the edge of the boat, as the stunning scenery floats by is hard to beat. Luckily you don’t need to own a mega yacht, or have a time share in a yacht, to plan a holiday on the water.

Because of the popularity of Croatia as a holiday destination, there is a range of ways to hire a yacht. The best way is to start with a yacht broker who knows the industry well and can quickly obtain the best boat – and crew if required – to serve your needs. What’s more, with a local yacht broker will be able to get you the best deals and make sure that you are well looked after throughout your trip. Simply give them your details, when you are planning to travel and your sailing experience, and they will provide a range of options for you.

While many yacht brokers offer boats with a full captain, and a crew if the boat is big enough, it is well worth receiving sailing lessons and choosing to sail without a crew (bareback as it is known in the industry). The feel of leaving the dock at the helm of a boat without a crew is a fun and liberating experience. As you slip into the deep blue water all of your troubles and concerns are left on land. Definitely a great way to mix adventure and pleasure on a holiday.

Croatia also boasts a long and uninterrupted coastline, hundreds of islands and eight national parks. There really is no better place in the world to yacht than Croatia. What’s more the summer temperatures are generally warm to hot, and the sea during this time of year is generally calm. Perfect conditions all around.

Most travellers only get a few weeks off a year to explore the world. When you travel you want to make sure you get the destination right, and choose a holiday that matches in with your requirements. Croatia is a destination that has something for everyone. Whether you want to sightsee, visit historical sites, eat good food or take in a different country, Croatia is a perfect destination. The best way to see and visit Croatia is of course by the see. With a long coast line and countless islands, you can enjoy all that sailing has to offer in one spectacular location.

Top 3 Tourist Destinations in Europe

Travelling to Europe is a dream nurtured by millions of people all over the world and has always been the most favoured destination for most of the tourists. This continent is blessed with some of the most exotic destinations tempting people to visit them time and again. There are several tourist attractions and destinations in Europe and the list is endless. However, if we take into account the time and financial constraints, visiting entire Europe at one go is highly unlikely. Here is a list and brief synopsis of top three renowned and widely appreciated tourist destinations in Europe.

London: When one talks of Europe, the city or destination that strikes the mind instantly is London. London is a cosmopolitan city with great infrastructure and transportation facilities. The best places to visit in London are The Tower of London, Big Ben, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Millennium Wheel or the London Eye and The Buckingham Palace. There are plenty of museums and galleries in the city to enrich the knowledge of history hunters. Shopping freaks can find plenty at Oxford Street and night life is happening at Leicester Square. One must not miss to travel on the London Underground which is a unique experience and a great example of unprecedented management and extraordinary technology.

Paris: Paris, the capital city of France, too has plenty of tourist attractions and must visit places. The top of the list is The Eiffel Tower. A landmark guarding the symbol of Paris is the Eiffel Tower which is also the tallest tower in France. The beautiful lighting after the sun sets and the enchanting view from the top deck of Eiffel Tower mesmerizes one and all. Art lovers should not miss the Louvre museum which holds some of the most antique masterpieces of art dating back to 19th century. Other major attractions in the city are Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomphe. The young ones can have the time of their life at the Disneyland and the Disney Village which is located just a short distance outside the French Capital City of Paris.

Rome: Rome is another city in Europe which has a very rich history. The roman colosseum is a place not to miss which boasts of huge and marvellous roman style of architecture. The Colosseum is the most extraordinary of all Rome’s monuments. It is an amphitheatre which can accommodate more than fifty thousand people and that too in ancient times! Other major attractions are Trevi Fountain which is Rome’s largest and most famous fountain, Piazza di Spagna which are the famous Spanish steps, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museums & Vatican City. Also, Piazza Navona is the town square surrounded by a lot of cafe’s and restaurants. This place is recommended to be visited at night as it is much lively at this time.