The Many Faces of Vietnam Unique Vietnam Tourist Destinations

Vietnam is a strong country and it shows in how their culture managed to remain intact after decades of war and oppression. It is one of the countries in Asia that stand out because of its natural beauty, culture and the fact that it has unity in diversity. Vietnam tourist destinations are as varied as its people. This means that you are likely to experience a different kind of Vietnam if you belong to the 5% of tourists that return to the country.

Since Vietnam is sandwiched between Cambodia, Laos, China and the South China Sea then entrance and exit can be by means of sea, air, train and water transportation. You can board any of the cruise liners that regularly traverse the Vietnamese waters and also get to enjoy the view from the ocean. You can also ride a train directly from China or drive from any of its neighboring countries. But if you come from a different part of the globe, going to Vietnam via an aircraft would be the most practical.

3 Kinds of Vietnam

• The Tranquil North

As mentioned earlier, you can experience a different kind of Vietnam every time you come for a visit because its highlands and lowlands offer different kinds of adventures. Add to that, it is large enough to be endowed with several unique climate zones.

So if you are visiting the Vietnam tourist destinations of the North then you would be greeted with four different seasons: chilly winter, autumn, spring, and hot and wet summer. The changes in season takes place particular months so coordinate with your travel agency to know what sets of clothes you should bring.

One of the places to visit in Northern Vietnam would be Ha Noi. This is Vietnam’s capital city but instead of being too modernized, this small city is surrounded by tranquil lakes, parks and even precolonial and colonial markers. If Ha Noi is in your itinerary, don’t miss its best and unique entertainment – a water puppet show. This is a showcase of traditional Vietnamese tales brought to life by colorful puppets that gracefully emerge from the water.

• The Historical South

In South Vietnam, there are three seasons: hot and dry, rainy, and cool and dry. South Vietnam tourist destinations are usually historic of the famed Vietnam war. Hence, you can say that this part of Vietnam is a giant blender that externally mixes history, culture and outdoor adventures.

Here, you will see museums, a war-history-themed park that is located underground, beaches, forests and even rugged hills.

• The People-Driven Central Vietnam

Lastly, Central Vietnam has two season patterns: summer and winter. This part of Vietnam I more people-centered. It sits right in the middle so you can see the influences of both the North and the South. As a result, you get people who are historically and culturally rich yet living tranquil lives.

One of the best Central Vietnam tourist destinations would be a trip to one of the floating villages called the Kenh Ga. Here, you will see locals who are using their feel as oars to their boats.

Indeed, Vietnam is very diverse yet it a country of people and culture that have been fused together by its history of cold wars and invasions. Today, these you can see through the Vietnam tourist destinations.

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Top Tourist Destinations That You Have to Experience on Your Tour to Vietnam

If there is one reason why you should plan a tour to Vietnam, it has to be the natural and historical beauty of the country. Other than the magnificent scenery of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam is also home to old temples and other historic attractions. There are just plenty of options, which is why planning ahead before your trip and doing a research is important to ensure a memorable and exciting travel in this Asian destination.

Here are some of the top Vietnam tourist destinations that most travel services in Vietnam recommend.

One of the top ten Vietnam travel destinations is the most popular seaside resort known as the town of Nha Trang. If you want to see beautiful beaches and clear sand, this city is definitely one of the best places to go.

If you want a historical tour to Vietnam, you should visit the Cu Chi Tunnels Northwest of the old Saigon, which is now known as Ho Chi Minh City. These underground tunnels were used in the 1960s by Viet Cone guerrillas.

Of course, the Mekong River or Mekong Delta should be part of your tour to Vietnam. This lush area is the source of about half of the agricultural output of Vietnam. Many villages around the delta are accessible through the river instead of a road.

The island of Phu Quoc is also one of the greatest tourist attractions in Vietnam. Facing the Cambodian Coast, this island is known to be the largest in Vietnam. What makes your tour in this area special is the fact that it has not yet been overrun by modernization and development. Your tour to Vietnam won’t be complete if you haven’t been to the pristine tropical forests of the island.

Another great destination is the fishing village of Hoi An. Known as the Venice of Vietnam, the town has been known as an international port since the 16th century. If you visit this area, you will see Chinese styled shops and narrow canals that make the area as romantic as Venice.

For scenic spots, the Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi is the place to go. The place is known in legend to be the lake where King Le Loi returned the magical sword to the gods. Today, the area is one of the favorite leisure spots both for locals and tourists.

These are just some of the best destinations you should never miss on your tour in Vietnam. To ensure an exciting and hassle-free travel experience in Vietnam, you might benefit from seeking help from a professional tour operator. Good tour operators would help you have a hassle-free, worry-free and thrilling travel experience based on your preferred activities, budget, and length of travel.

Top Island Tourist Destinations That Won t Make You Regret

Are you looking for a new travel destination? If you love the water as well as the sun and sand, there are many island destinations in the world. Here are some of the best that would not waste your time and money.

Orcas, US

The United States, with its size, has plenty of beaches to offer. One of the best is the Orcas Island. It is the biggest among the San Juan Islands. This is the popular tourists spot for people who want to see whales.

It also features the Mount Constitution with a structure based on a medieval watch tower. It is perfect if you want to see a panoramic view and even some cities in Canada.

La Digue, SC

If you prefer the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is your best bet. The Republic of Seychelles is made up of 115 islands but La Digue is the most popular among travelers.

The beaches are perfect with white sand and dark big rocks. Aside from fun by the perfect beach, this tourists destination is also known for the Coco de Mer forest where you can find the biggest ancient palms.

Gili, ID

Asia has lots of fine tourist destinations, too. A great example is the Gili Islands in Lombok, Indonesia. The archipelago is made up of Gili Air, Meno and Trawangan. The beaches on this island are ideal if you want a tranquil vacation. They are 100 percent free from noise of cars and motorcycles. Plus, there are cafes near the beaches.

Boracay, PH

When it comes to white sand beaches, Boracay in the Philippines is definitely one of the best. The white sand beach stretches up to 4 kilometers. Through the years, it has developed so rapidly. Today, tourists can enjoy various activities including water sports. There are also horseback riding and massage centers.

Whitsunday, AU

There are plenty of options in the Land Down Under, too. The Whitsunday Island is surrounded by other smaller islands most of which are uninhabited. It is one of the most popular and nearest to the Great Barrier Reef. It is famous for being a great spot for scuba diving and yachting. The seaways also make it a perfect tourists destination for those who like kayaking and power-boating.

There are many other options if you are looking for a paradise but these are the ones on top of the list of most travelers. It does not matter. You can find great holiday destinations in North America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Indonesia Top Tourist Destinations

Deciding which part of Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago, to visit can be a little bit puzzling. If you only have a 2-week vacation and you would like to get the best out of your Indonesian trip, where should you go?

Home to more than 17,000 islands, 300 distinct native ethnicities and 700 different languages, truly exploring Indonesia will take a lifetime! However, don’t let these numbers scare you away. You can still experience the best of Indonesia if your trip is well planned.

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, more than 6 million foreigners visited Indonesia in 2008. This remarkable number increased enormously from 2007. Despite the recent negative media coverage of Indonesia’s situation, tourism in Indonesia has never lost its value.

Here are some of the top tourist destinations in Indonesia:

  1. Bali – The Island of Gods Bali has now become one of the top WORLD destinations for its white sand beaches, blue sky, magnificent waves, tropical weather and friendly locals. For several years, the International Travel Magazine awarded Bali as the world’s best island. There were more than 1.4 million tourists to Bali in 2008. You have to wonder, what makes Bali as the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia? First of all, the island is located 8 to 9 degrees south of the equator with the Java Sea to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south, which gives Bali a wonderful tropical weather all year long! If it is rich cultural experience that you are looking for, Bali has it all for you. Balinese people have very strong Hindu beliefs. This is depicted through the statues and temples that you can visit all around Bali. One of the most popular art form is “Tari Kecak” or the Ramayana Monkey Chant. A fact that most people doesn’t know about “Tari Kecak” is that this art form was originally a traditional trance ritual.
  2. Bunaken – A Marine Paradise on Earth It is said that Bunaken Marine Park has one of the highest levels of marine biodiversity. The park covers 89,065 hectares of warm tropical waters. It is a paradise of magnificent coral reefs. Many tourists come to this site to dive or snorkel to see the corals firsthand. Bunaken has received much international recognition for its marine park preservation. For instance, The International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) has chosen Bunaken as its single Asian demonstration site for sustainable reef tourism. You are guaranteed to have a spectacular diving experience here! Staying on the marine park is also a relaxing one. Its laid-back lifestyle provides tourists with an enjoyment that they don’t usually get in big city life. Here, everything flows gently and you need not to worry. Start your day by going for a morning dive, then come back for a quick lunch and nap before going for an evening dive.
  3. Jakarta – A Metropolitan City in Indonesia Jakarta, the capital and the largest city in Indonesia, is home to 8 million people. It is the twelfth largest city in the world. You might wonder what you can see in Jakarta. There are actually many places that you might not expect to see in Jakarta. If it is museum experience that you are looking for, Jakarta is home to more than 22 museums with their own distinctive specialties. For instance, National Museum displays historical aspects of Indonesian culture through its extensive collections of artifacts and relics that date as far back as the Stone Age. The museum has one of the most complete collections of Chinese ceramics dating back to the Han, Tang and Ming Dynasties, as well as bronze and gold collections from the Indonesian classical period. On the other part of the city, Museum Wayang collects thousands of shadow puppets from all parts of Indonesia. There are many other things that you can do when you visit Jakarta. One thing for certain, culinary adventure is a must! Jakarta has a wide selection of traditional cuisines because of the unique blending of Indonesian ethnicities in Jakarta. At the end, you may fully taste Indonesia’s culinary adventure just by staying in Jakarta!